Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tower of London: A 'Crown Jewel'

I had originally thought that the Tower of London was the Clock Tower that housed Big Ben. Turns out it's actually an old castle used for defense back in the day. It's been guarded since it's beginning by men in blue and red halloweeny costumes called Beef Eaters. I can only imagine what their kids say at school for career day. They're pleasant chaps at any rate.

Among other fairly plain attractions (to the American eye), was a medieval play, some interesting towers and fortresses, etc. However, I didn't know that the Crown Jewels were found in the Tower of London. Not going to lie, they were pompous in all senses of the word. They even had a conveyor belt in front of them so you wouldn't get caught googly-eyeying them for hours.

I managed in addition to pop a few pics of the red-guard man with the huge hat. I felt so sneaky...and so did the other thousand people that took a pic with him. I think he got the memo on the red, too.

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