Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pomp and Portabello

We took a trip to Buckingham Palace yesterday to see the Changing of the Guard. We took a jaunt through Green Park to line up early to get a spot, since it's such a huge event. It was quite the pompous display of red coats, brass instruments, and English pride. I was impressed by how serious the guards were during the entire ceremony, even though it happens every day. It definitely felt like they had national pride. I think I'm beginning to understand why!

Later on, we took a trip to Portabello Road. It's a famous road that stretches for a kilometer or so. It's home to probably a thousand shops or various sorts - antiques, souveniers, artifacts, horribly unhealthy but fantastic eats, and the like. There, Dad got his shoes fixed for free by a cobbler, we ate some London style steak sandwhiches, and Mom bought some fresh blackberries to her liking. There was something there for everyone, including pickpocketers.
There were also a mass of street artists playing all sorts of folky string music - entertaining stuff. Like everywhere else in London, a sardine type feeling would be an accurate description of Portabello Road!

1 comment:

  1. It's fun to see you all together! I can just imagine
    people wheedling out their wares: shoooe repair for freeee...blackkkkkberries for the laaaady...annnnndroid apppps for the tall blonde gen'leman...